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Chip Charts Course for Quantum-Computer Scaling

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What is Quantum Computing?

The potential to complete specific algorithms at higher speeds and greater accuracy

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SEEQC System Red Successfully runs HQS Quantum Simulations Algorithm

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Benefits of Quantum Computing

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Quantum computer startup SEEQC unveils digital chip that operates at super cold temp

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Digital Quantum Management System-on-a-Chip™

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Working in Quantum

SEEQC’s Matthew Hutchings and Joseph Rahamim spoke with The Quantum Insider about working in quantum computing.

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SEEQC Partners With BASF

To Build Commercially Scalable Roadmap to Explore Applications of Quantum Computing in Homogeneous Catalysis

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SEEQC adds BASF as partner, QuPharma member

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Welcome to the Coldest Place on Earth

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For Ultrafast Calculations, We Have Chosen Italy

The first quantum machine in the country is born in Naples...

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Deep Tech Report

Out of the Lab, Into the Market: Deep Tech's Enterprise Future

Podcast seeqc welcome to the age of quantum

Welcome to the age of Quantum

SEEQC sounds: Process Module

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Learn about our newly upgraded chip foundry

Quantum computing just might save the planet

Quantum computing just might save the planet

Article at McKinsey Digital by Peter Cooper, Philipp Ernst, Dieter Kiewell, and Dickon Pinner

Film out of the lab into world


Eliminating many of the challenges of building quantum computers

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Quantum Computing Chips: A Guide

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How to Scale a Quantum Computer: Part 2

Inside quantum podcast

Quantum tech podcast

Learn about SEEQC and our global approach

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When two worlds become complementary… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Each qubit doubles the power of the computer

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Our SEEQC Leadership

At the core of every great company is its people.

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Application specific vs General purpose

Creating bespoke quantum computers is more energy efficient, practical and scalable.


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Foundry Services

Custom Chip Fabrication Services

Trusted with the world’s most complex superconductor chip designs.

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Open Positions at SEEQC

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Deep Tech's Enterprise Future

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Naples, Italy — Pizza, Tailoring, and Quantum Computing