We have some small news.

The World’s First Quantum Computing System-on-a-Chip

Qubit layer

Compatible with all leading qubit technologies

Fully integrated digital SFQ superconducting quantum computing architecture

  • 1000× lower power consumption
  • 10× faster on-chip digital readout
  • 10× lower latency
  • 400× cheaper to manufacture
  • 50× lower bandwidth needed
  • Quantum-to-GPU integration with NVIDIA

More of what’s good.

Less of what’s bad.

Placing the room temperature control functions on a digital chip together with the qubit, we have created the world’s first integrated quantum processor chip.

Increasing speed, latency and fidelity, while using less energy, lowering cost and getting rid of cables and complexity.

The biggest challenge to quantum computing is scaling.

Our integrated digital chips are the solution.

No matter the qubit modality or role in the quantum ecosystem, everyone is faced with the same challenge of scaling.

  • Readout
  • Control
  • Fast reset
  • Real time error correction
  • GPU integration
  • Multiplexing
  • Tight quantum-classical integration
  • Modularity
  • Low cost
  • High speed, low latency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Digital

Some conventional quantum system show a roadmap to 100k and 1M qubit systems. What those roadmaps also show is the enormous complexity, size and energy consumption required to run them.

Illustration of a conventional 1,000 qubit system
Cryostat + Room Temperature Control Electronics

Illustration of a conventional 1M qubit system
Cryostat + Room Temperature Control Electronics

A technological breakthrough of epically small proportions.

Our roadmap of chip releases are small enough to fit in your hand.

2023: Orange

Hybrid digital SFQ control / analog readout
Reduced cross talk

2024: Yellow

Full digital SFQ control and readout
Faster qubit readout/reset

2025: Green

Realtime error correction decoder
Low latency Q-C interface (GPU based)

2026: Green

Ultra-low latency Q-C interface
Chip-based SFQ decoder
Algorithm co-processor

Digital chips allow for miniaturization.

Our system supports deployment in data center, labs, on the edge and even in space.

System supporting up to 100k qubits (render)

Not all chips are built the same way.

As the co-inventors of the SFQ technology making quantum system-on-a-chip possible, we have over 90 patents to support it.

SEEQC is making scalable, energy efficient, quantum computing more than an acronym.

We are making it a reality.

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