SEEQC’s founding team has experience designing and manufacturing full-stack superconductive circuits and full cryogenic systems, from both a technical and business perspective, and are well-known members of the global quantum and high-performance computing communities.


John levy 250px

John Levy

CEO, Chair, and Co-Founder

Oleg mukhanov 250

Oleg Mukhanov, PhD

CTO and Co-Founder

Matthew hutchings edit 250

Matthew Hutchings, PhD

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Shu jen 500

Shu-Jen Han, Ph.D.

Vice President of Engineering


John levy 250px

John Levy

CEO, Chair, and Co-Founder, Seeqc

Oleg mukhanov 250

Dr. Oleg Mukhanov

CTO, and Co-Founder, Seeqc

Ted persson 175px

Ted Persson

EQT Ventures

Jason whitmire 175

Jason Whitmire

General Partner, Blueyard Capital

Mike messemer

Mike Messemer

Asset Management


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Scientific Advisory Board

Francesco tafuri

Francesco Tafuri

Giovanni piero pepe

Giovanni Piero Pepe

Maxim Vavilov

Maxim Vavilov