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Custom Chip Fabrication Services

SEEQC is trusted by leading businesses, academic organizations and governmental laboratories and agencies around the world with their most complex chip designs. We provide a variety of superconducting wafer- and chip-scale solutions for electronic and sensor applications.

Trusted with the world’s most complex superconductor chip designs.

The SEEQC foundry is the premier commercial foundry for superconducting IC’s and custom fabrications. It provides services to fabricate the world’s most complex superconductor electronics and provides a unique capability to support the quantum computing R&D community.

As part of SEEQC’s Hypres legacy, the facility has fabricated more than 5,000 separate superconductive electronic chip designs. The foundry can produce virtually any superconductor chip for commercial, academic, and government markets; and offers design, development, simulation, layout, fabrication, cryogenic high-speed testing and packaging in a world-class production environment.

Our state-of-the-art, 150mm wafer processing capability is supported with advanced equipment in manifold clean rooms. The high-volume capability allows customers to take advantage of rapid improvements in both yield and performance.

We provide complex superconductor chip fabrication services to governments and leading business and academic organizations around the world. For a customer list and references, please Contact Us.


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Superconducting planarized multi-layer process

Standard process with multi-project wafers or dedicated wafers. Applicable for Josephson junction circuits including SFQ digital and mixed-signal circuits, analog Josephson circuits, SQUIDs, etc.

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Superconducting sensor process

Including TES, SNSPDs Nanofabrication services to incubate custom processes from startup to pre-production stage

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Custom fabrication

Wafer-level processes from single to multi-layer structures

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Superconducting and non-superconducting multi-chip module processes

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The Niobium Process

The Seeqc foundry features a complete niobium-based superconducting integrated circuit fabrication line. The niobium process has proven reliability as demonstrated by circuit operations through 7,000 thermal cycles without failure and no changes in device characteristics after five years of shelf life.

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Standard Process

Niobium technology (Nb, NbNx)
Critical current density: Available critical current densities: 100, 1000, 4500, 10000 A/cm2
Fast turnaround time: typically six weeks for 4
Nb-layer process, eight weeks for 6 Nb-layer process
High-density circuits with multi- superconducting layers: 4, 5, 6, 8
Resistor layer material and sheet resistance: Mo: 1.0 Ω/□, 2.1 Ω/□, PdAu: 2.1 Ω/□, MoNx: 4.0 Ω/

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Interlayer dielectric

PECVD SiO2 and low-loss SiNx
Proven high-volume production
Demonstrated yield and reliability
Use of Seeqc propriety simulation tools and device models, optimized subcircuits
Availability of standard subcircuits and layout primitives
Flip-chip bonding with superconducting and non-superconducting bumps

Additional Services

  • Comprehensive design rules
  • Functional and DC parametric testing
  • CAD Support and verification services
  • Mask-set composition, verification and generation
  • Cryogenic functional and high-speed testing
  • Custom Fabrication runs that include: photolithography, deposition, etching, dicing, wire bonding (normal metal, superconducting Nb), flip-chip bonding with custom specifications.