Matt Hutchings has extensive experience in both research and commercialization of quantum computing technology.

Following a PhD in experimental physics at Cardiff University, Matt joined the Plourde Quantum Research Lab at Syracuse University, as a postdoctoral researcher, where he focused on the development of novel superconducting quantum circuits.

At Syracuse, he was the lead experimental Postdoc for an international project with Saarland University to develop a novel superconducting metamaterial device and led a collaborative project with the IBM quantum computing team, to develop a scalable qubit element. This IBM collaboration successfully delivered a novel quantum computing element that was incorporated into a number of their state-of-the-art quantum processor architectures.

Matt advanced research developments of SEEQC’s underlying SFQu-class technology, through a collaboration between the Plourde team at Syracuse, the McDermott team at University of Wisconsin Madison and Hypres, the inventors of the technology.

Having recognized the commercial value of this technology, Matt joined the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre fellowship program at Bristol University, a startup accelerator program aimed at providing the vital business training required to form a company in deep tech. Through this program, he partnered with the team at Hypres to form SEEQC.