Giovanni Piero Pepe is a member of SEEQC’s scientific advisory board. He is a professor at the University of Napoli Federico II and the president of the European Society for Applied Superconductivity. Giovanni is the scientific coordinator of the Task Force of the University of Naples Federico II on Blue Italian Growth and a delegate to the Technological Transfer and and Third mission of the University. He also acts as the Scientific Coordinator of the House of Emergent Technologies of Matera, Italy, and a senior member of the IEEE.

Giovanni’s research focuses on the field of weak superconductivity, superconducting qubits, new routes for the realization of superconducting qubits, superconducting single photon detectors for quantum communication, and advanced superconducting materials for quantum applications.

Giovani is the scientific coordinator of the Development of Quantum Systems and Technologies for Cybersecurity in Communication Networks project for the Italian Ministry of University Research. He is the author of more than 170 publications in international journals and book chapters.