The chip foundry at SEEQC not only enables SEEQC to create custom-made chips for external customers, but allows for SEEQC to create their own custom chips needed specifically for the advancement of quantum computing. Located on SEEQC’s campus, the in-house team handcrafts every chip to meet specifications required for bespoke successful outcomes.

SEEQC is able to rely on the highest quality chip manufacturing process, backed by decades of experience from its talented team of scientists and engineers. The assurance of quality chips gives SEEQC and its chip foundry’s customers peace of mind, as they research and develop what’s next for quantum computing.

SEEQC has the significant advantage of bypassing the macroeconomic concern of supply chain issues and can create the best possible chip technology. As SEEQC continues to further its mission for sustainable and energy efficient quantum computing, the chip foundry is a major asset for the research, development and eventual actualization of quantum computing technology.