When two worlds become complementary… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In order to extract the greatest value, quantum and high-speed classical computing must work together. The challenge is not just to figure out how to make these two worlds co-exist, but how to make them thrive as one so that previously intractable high value problems can be overcome. Seeqc’s innovation lies in its approach to developing a true hybrid quantum-classical computer to meet this challenge.

To build a cost-effective and commercially scalable system that integrates quantum and classical computing, Seeqc applies patented or patent pending innovation in four core areas:

Digital Quantum Management (DQM) System-on-a-ChipTM

Seeqc’s approach takes key management functions, typically operating in racks of equipment and delivered via cumbersome cabling, and performs them on a co-located cryogenic processor, the DQM System-on-a-Chip. This will provide high-speed and energy-efficient classical readout, control, error correction, and data processing that can be tightly integrated with underlying qubit infrastructure in 3D integrated chip modules.

Integrated Application Specific Circuits

Seeqc partners closely with leading quantum algorithm and application developers to design custom application-specific circuits that leverage the power of its hybrid quantum-classical computing approach and its DQM system-on-a chip to solve specific, commercially valuable challenges in a hardware-, time-, energy-efficient way.

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing

Co-location is critical, but to achieve optimal performance and cost metrics, it must be done at the chip level.  Seeqc’s underlying SFQuClassTM technology builds in classical logic for qubit control, application control, and error correction – all digital and all in the same cryo-cooled environment.

Fabrication of Multi-Layer 3D Chips

Seeqc’s approach requires advanced multi-layer chip fabrication capabilities. The DQM System-on-a-Chip and custom application circuits are designed at Seeqc and manufactured at its state-of-the-art superconductive chip foundry, where they are combined with qubit hardware to deliver a full-stack quantum computing system on 3D multi-chip modules.