Digital Quantum Management (DQM) System-on-a-Chip

Managing delicate quantum states with robust digital logic and ultra-fast classical compute power – all in a processor.

Simply stated, Seeqc’s DQM System-on-a-Chip is the linkage that binds quantum hardware with quantum algorithms and applications. By integrating critical management functions on a chip, it brings a new level of scale and cost-effectiveness, and enabling new functionalities to quantum computing.

Seeqc’s patented Single Flux Quantum (SFQuClass) processors will perform digital qubit control, readout and classical data processing functions, as well as being a platform for error correction. They are proximally co-located and integrated with qubit chips in a cryo-cooled environment to drastically reduce the complexity of input/output connections and maximize the benefits of fast, precise, low-noise digital control and readout, and energy-efficient classical co-processing.

Seeqc’s DQM System-on-a-Chip has the potential to work across multiple quantum hardware designs.

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