Italy is well known for its art, culture and food, but growing in importance, is its role in technological advancements.

Italians like Federico Faggin, who designed the first commercial microprocessor, and Pier Giorgio Perotto, who invented the Olivetti Programma 101, one of the first "all-in-one" commercial desktop programmable calculators, have led the way for Italian innovation.

With the achievement of building Italy’s first quantum computer, SEEQC and our Italian team proudly join these pioneers and trailblazers

SEEQC System Red, the first quantum computing system in Italy, solidifies Italy’s role as a leader in quantum computing for years to come. SEEQC Red could not have been completed if not for the commitment and dedication from our Italian team in Naples. This is an accomplishment that our team will cherish for a lifetime.

SEEQC Red focuses on quality and speed. This enables software developers to run their algorithms with four times lower error rates over our competitors when compared to universal quantum computing systems available over the cloud. Our system also offers the fastest native two-qubit gates available on publicly available quantum cloud services, achieving gate speeds up to 10 times faster than competitors, while offering gate fidelities competitive to the most advanced systems on currently available quantum cloud platforms.

SEEQC also announces a new category of chips for next generation quantum computers

Our family of high-speed, energy-efficient digital SFQ digital chips will form the core of our next generation of quantum computers and, we believe, will become the de facto standard for how others within the quantum industry will design and scale their computers. Our superconducting chips are fully integrated with qubits – a critical breakthrough that will enable building scalable error-corrected quantum computers and data centers.

The chips are capable of running all core functions of a quantum computer at the same cryogenic temperature as the system’s superconducting qubits. This digital chip technology utilizes energy-efficient superconducting SFQ logic, operating at speeds up to 40 GHz, to implement classical qubit control, readout, multiplexing and data processing.

SEEQC Red is a major milestone in a hopefully long and rich history of quantum computing in Italy.

“This marks more than a single milestone in computing,” said John Levy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SEEQC. “As the first quantum computer in Italy, SEEQC Red marks a significant point in the history of innovation in Italy, and represents important progress in our mission across the entire quantum computing industry. Our teams in Naples and around the world have collaborated on this achievement, a critical milestone on our roadmap to building scalable, energy-efficient quantum computing. Our next step is to move this into commercial usage by building a quantum data and test center here in Naples, and we look forward to partnering with federal and regional government, private investment funds and our industrial partners to help realize this vision.”

Through multiple industry-specific and government partnerships, our first generation reference class quantum computer and digital SFQ chips, we continue to make major strides towards our mission to provide scalable and energy efficient quantum computing for commercial applications.