Unity is strength.

Seeqc is a small company with global reach. We are actively involved in a global community of quantum computing research, government, and commercial organizations. We work with these organizations to enhance our product development and to gain insight and contribute knowledge to the advancement of quantum computing.

A sample of our collaborations include:

University of Glasgow

Martin Weides, at the University of Glasgow, is an expert in experimental solid state physics at the interface with materials science and electrical engineering, with a focus on hybrid qubit systems and quantum computing. Seeqc is working closely with Martin and his team to develop advanced qubit fabrication and design technologies, including sponsoring a PhD student.

National Physical Laboratory

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has a rich heritage in exploring, developing and applying quantum science. The Quantum Metrology Institute brings together all of NPL’s leading-edge quantum science and metrology research and provides the expertise and facilities needed for academia and industry to test, validate, and ultimately commercialize new quantum research and technologies. Seeqc is working closely with Tobias Lindstrom and his team at QMI to validate our quantum technology and establish advanced benchmarking techniques.

University of Naples

Università di Napoli Federico II (Unina) is one of largest Italian research and educational Institutions with interdisciplinary expertise on quantum technologies ranging from superconductivity to quantum optics. The superconductivity group has a longstanding tradition on quantum devices to develop new quantum research and technologies with several national and international partners. The Quantum Technology Group brings together leading-edge quantum science research and provides the expertise and facilities needed for evaluation of low-noise, high-speed and high-sensitivity superconducting circuits suitable for integration with quantum devices for quantum information processing system. Seeqc is working closely with Francesco Tafuri and Giampiero Pepe and their team at Unina to validate our quantum path to future breakthrough quantum technologies and innovative products.

Saarland University

Frank Wilhelm-Mauch, at Saarland University, leads a group focused on the theoretical understanding of quantum information technologies, working in close collaboration with experimental researches around the world. We are working closely with Frank and his team to develop optimal quantum control techniques based on Seeqc technology.